Tenant Procurement is a stand-alone service we offer to Owner’s who wish to manage themselves. Under this service we include aggressive and effective marketing that can include the MLS, showings arrangements, thorough tenant screening, and fully executed Lease.

A move-in inspection form is also included but not the inspection itself.





Property Management is a delicate process; some say it is a balancing act.  If not handled correctly, there are several issues that could arise between fair housing, federal or Nevada tenant/landlord law, dissatisfied tenant landlord relationships, contractor abuse, etc.  As your property manager, we handle every aspect of the day to day management of your investment property.  Leave the management activities to an office you can trust. Call today for more details, 775.200.1331 ext 1.

Who can better represent a buyer than a experienced, local property manager?  As a property manager, we know the rental market demands, neighborhood rents, HOA challenges, and average maintenance issues by neighborhood.  As your buyer’s agent/REALTOR®, we’ll guide you to the most profitable neighborhoods by tenant attraction and low overhead cost measuring cap rates and return on investments. We take the time to understand the needs of each individual investor. If your target investment is for cash flow, we’ll rely on financial calculations. If your target investment is appreciation, using statistical market reports, we’ll guide you to the homes with the most favorable appreciation rates. We have a preferred lender experienced with investment lending if needed. We also have access to private lending.  Call 775.200.1331 ext 1 for more details.





Zip codes of Areas we Service for Property Management

89501 (high-rises), 89509, 89511, 89519, and 89521

Short-term Corporate Rentals are the rental of furnished homes with a lease term of 3 months or more. These are not vacation rentals which may lease for only a few days up to a month. Local code ordinances are placing strict requirements and, in some areas, bans on vacation rentals making corporate rentals an attractive option. Our corporate rental property management includes the same services as property management except with more detailed move-in and move-out documentation and more agent involvement. Call today for more details, 775.200.1331 ext 1.